[Movie/Music Review] Black Panther

In short, this film encapsulates African culture and creates a engaging story, integrating with a modern style. This film successfully creates a story that is not preachy, but it delivers a powerful message to all people.

The music was filled with wonderful colors, mixed with beautiful percussion instrumentations and a soundtrack that is fitting, but also very unique.  I noticed that the instrumentation changes depending on who sits on the throne of Wakanda. When the King T’challa is in command of Wakanda, the music is more traditional with percussion that harkens back to traditional African culture. But when Warmonger sits on the throne the music turns into a more modern sound with synthetic drums and hard hitting beats. I really appreciate how the composer and music director make each scene meaningful with each music that they choose.

I am very glad to to have seen this film and I hope to see Marvel make films that are more than just the spectacle superhero flair but also encapsulates characters and their unique relationships.


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